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Bad Hat is in the studio working on a recording to capture the  spontaneous interaction and vibe of a live show. This will be a no overdubs recording with all the stops pulled out. We hope to have something to post by Summer 2015

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I often get asked "how would you describe your music" or "who are you like"....... well, here it is:

Soulive - check out "Doin Something"

Charlie Hunter "Greasy Granny"

Yellow Jackets "Revelation" although we probably have more synergy with Robben Ford version

John Scofield - Uber Jam, A-Go-Go, some of the MMW stuff with melodies added.......

More Influences ........


Looking for Bad Hat to fill your club with some new music? Click here to contact us.

Foot Prints (Wayne Shorter tune we have rearranged)

Little Sunflower(featuring Barton on flute)

Josie(Steely Dan - when we cross over into rock)

The band is always mindful of the some of the great new music that is happening out there and a good part of our time together is spent listening as much as playing. That said, here is a list of some the newer bands and performers that we have been listening to and talking about: Soulive, New Master Sounds, Galactic, Charlie Hunter, Joshua Redmond, Jazz Pistols, Mike Stern, Robben Ford, Stanley Clark, Pat Methany, Moby, Lettuce, Vulfpeck.

Inspired by early legends, we are always in awe of:  Weather Report, Michael Brecker. Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, Yellow Jackets, Larry Carlton, J Coltrane, C Mingus, C Parker, W Shorter ..... we could go one forever and probably should ........

Bad Hat is all about  jam, jazz and funk. We play for one reason: joy and musical passion. Bad Hat is foot tapping, soulful jazz funk. Interactive, spontaneous, triple helicopter ollie snow board jump, glass of wine, close friends, old shoes, beach chair, friendly mutt, micro-brew, no-holds-barred, jam-a-delic, funkmania, jazz-jam festival. Mix in some variations of a few Classic Rock tunes (Alman Bros - Jessica) and blaze away on some of the fusion era tunes from Weather Report or The Yellow Jackets - and you have us! Wish to know more or see some pictures - go here.