Dana has played Drums & Percussion for 40 years (Yikes!) and still has his hearing. Started in the cold garages of New Hampshire then moved onto University of Miami where he was part of the Music School & the music scene- having the Dixie Dregs as a local bar house band and Lynyrd Skynyrd as his neighbors. Most Recently been playing the Fusion/ Jam scene in NY with Bad Hat. His Styles are reminiscent of Simon Phillips and Stewart Copeland and digs all styles of music (cept Opera - no drums man!

Xavier Fromageot first began studying the piano at an early age.  Then, from the age of ten and into his teen years, Xavier played the cello, performing with the Northeastern Youth Orchestra and the Rockland Suburban Symphony Orchestra. Developing an interest in jazz and fusion during his teen years, Xavier switched to the electric bass, which would remain his focus throughout the rest of his musical career. Xavier graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music in 1992 where he studied under Bruce Gertz and Oscar  Stagnaro.  Since that time, Xavier has performed throughout the Hudson Valley and in New York City playing as a member of various jazz and funk groups and as a freelance bassist.

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We are often asked for a little background info: who are we each..... blah blah.. So here it is.

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Saxophone, woodwind extraordinaire, and co-musical director.  Barton is a graduate of the University of Miami where he earned an undergraduate degree in studio music and jazz performance.  In addition to his performances with Bad Hat Jazz, he actively performs throughout the Mid Hudson Valley with the New York Swing Exchange and the New Hudson Jazz Group.  He has toured Western Europe and spent a summer performing at Disneyland.  He would like to thank his family and friends for all of their support and well wishes over the years.

John got his professional start working thru the various NY Metro clubs in the 1980's playing all that 80's rock and stuff (anyone remember spandex and Capezios). During this time John studied music theory and jazz composition Ray Ernst (Berklee College of Music) where he nurtured a deep appreciation for the music arts. John shifted gears in the 90's moving into the jazz fusion and jam band direction. Growing up in a family of artists (painters not musicians, although John states his Dad did bang out a convincing Johnny Cash) John has always approached his music and guitar work with an open artistic flare.

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Since Alex left his Rhodes in Germany, his itchy fingers longed for making some funky love again. Thanks to online dating and a convincing profile picture he came together with Bad Hat and here they jam happily ever after.  Not much else to say.  Sure, some people taught him how to hit that keys, but this was many bands ago.....

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